• Published: 15 Mar 2024

Pipeline End Manifold yoke dropped from 45° position

Pipeline End Manifold yoke dropped from 45 position
Pipeline End Manifold yoke dropped from 45 position

Description of Incident

During adjustment of the yoke securing arrangement for a PLEM (Pipe Line End Manifold), the cargo strap failed resulting in the yoke falling and landing in its horizontal resting position. Two persons were working inside the PLEM in close proximity to the yoke at the time. Neither were injured.

While the rigging team on the vessel were re-arranging the rigging securing the PLEM yoke at a 45° position, the port side top cargo strap tension was released. This resulted in sudden movement of the yoke, causing the starboard cargo strap to fail and the yoke to drop to its horizontal position. Note: re-arrangement of the rigging was initiated after a safety observation on weak rigging was raised by deck crew.

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