• Published: 8 Oct 2020

Potential for electric shock from live LED casing on Victor Excalibur Emergency luminaire

Excalibur image
Excalibur image

Cause & Consequence

  • Electricity, electrical discharge, short circuit or overload

Contributing Factor

  • Control of work

Description of Process

Maintenance on emergency lighting

Description of Incident

Whilst carrying out maintenance on a Victor Excalibur (VL24E) c/w battery management feature, an electrical technician received a minor electrical shock from a battery indication LED fitted on the gear housing cover. The electrician had been re-lamping the fitting, he was re-attaching the removable envelope of the light fitting when his hand touched the casing of one of the battery indication LEDs fitted on the gear housing cover. It was from this LED casing that he received a shock. Upon investigation the technician found that the LED casing was live at 254Vac with respect to Earth. At this point he adopted correct procedure and applied isolation to the circuit concerned.

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