• Published: 24 May 2023

Property Damage – Scaffolding Lifting Frame

Scaffolding Lift Frame
Scaffolding Lift Frame

Description of Incident

An establishment were requested to erect scaffolding at the request of the platform to support another contractor with operations to pull out a seal that was stuck on a wellhead.

A rigging arrangement was applied to the scaffold lifting frame and a scaffold ladder beam failed and bent during lifting operations.

Why it Happened?

Inadequate job planning – The lifting frame constructed was for 1 tonne only. However, the rigging arrangement was for 3 tonnes.

The Scaffolding Manual was not consulted for the lifting frame and it cannot be said that the structure was in accordance with the requirements put in place.

Good Practice Guidance

  • No job is ever too important for Safety. Take the time to ensure all the correct processes have been followed and documentation is in place.
  • The scaffolding structure was dismantled post-incident. In the event of an incident, the scene of an incident should be preserved to enable appropriate evidence gathering (e.g. photographs)

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