• Published: 2 Nov 2023

Serious LTI - Person struck in rigging accident

Serious LTI Person struck in rigging accident
Serious LTI Person struck in rigging accident

Description of Incident

During the loading of subsea hatch covers onto a vessel, a member of the rigging crew was struck and badly injured by a 55 Te shackle connected to a steel wire sling and fibre lifting sling, which formed part of the lifting arrangement used to lift the covers.

The hatch cover was safely landed on deck. However, during the lowering of the lift rigging to enable the crane to be disconnected, a slack leg of the lifting bridle, which would only come into use during deployment subsea, came to rest on the top flat section of the hatch cover.

Instructions were given by the banksman to ‘stand by’ whilst the crane manoeuvred to free and lower the slings to deck. The volume on the injured person’s radio had previously been turned down due to feedback from other users’ radios, and subsequently he missed the safety command from the banksman.

The rigger approached the load and within 5 seconds of doing so the rigging suddenly fell from the top of the cover and struck him. The rigger sustained multiple injuries including a fractured and dislocated right clavicle, fractured spine in several places, broken ribs and bruising to the lung.

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