• Published: 5 Jan 2024

Shifting of centre-of-gravity of load

Shifting of centre of gravity of load
Shifting of centre of gravity of load

Description of Incident

A research vessel was unloading in port and crew had made a plan to offload a 20ft open-top container, which was filled with various pieces of equipment. A mobile crane on the jetty was being used to unload the ship; the crew prepared the lifting gear and attached four chains to the crane hook from the lifting lugs at each corner of the base of the container.

Three crew members were involved in the lift: the lift supervisor and banksman were positioned at the aft end of the container and the slinger was standing at the forward end. As the container was lifted it came clear of the twist locks that were securing it to the deck and rapidly swung aft and inboard. The lift supervisor was able to move out of the way, but the banksman suffered crush injuries when pinned between the container and the ship’s handrails.

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