• Published: 3 Jun 2024

Stored energy - dislodged pin causes injury

Stored energy dislodged pin causes injury
Stored energy dislodged pin causes injury

Description of Incident

During disconnection of a structure, a securing pin became stuck and could not be removed by hand. A hydraulic jack was employed to eject the pin which resulted in the pin being released under load directly into someone’s face. A team of four persons were removing a structure. This involved the removal of four securing pins, each weighing around 10kg. The task has been done numerous times and was usually accomplished with a hammer and drift. On this occasion, one of the pins became stuck and could not be removed. The work team decided to use a hydraulic jack to force the pin out. Initially this did not work; one of the workers moved directly into the line of fire to obtain better sight of the restriction. The worker tapped on the adjacent plate with a hammer and the pin came loose and ejected with force, hitting the worker in the face. The pin hit the bridge of the person’s safety glasses causing a laceration to the forehead. They were treated onshore and returned to work soon after the incident.

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