• Published: 24 May 2023

Stretcher Bearers

Stretcher Bearers
Stretcher Bearers

Description of Incident

There have been concerns raised by offshore personnel in relation to the performance of stretcher bearer duties in the event that support is required by dedicated Emergency Response Teams.

There have been recent instances where concerns have related to a lack of consultation in the assignment of roles and responsibilities, no formal induction / training for assigned stretcher bearers and a perceived inability to have a right of refusal.

What should be considered in relation to stretcher bearer duties?:

To ensure manual handling can be effectively managed as part of stretcher bearer duties, the following factors must be considered:

  • Formalised induction / training arrangements for stretcher bearers including the retention of records.
  • Individuals must declare any matter that they feel may impact on their suitability to be a stretcher bearer.
  • A suitable and sufficient manual handling risk assessment must be in place to cover stretcher bearer activities.
  • Individuals must have valid manual handling training certification.

Good Practice Guidance

Department Managers / Focal Points to issue this flash to their respective teams and engage with their respective Client(s) for assurance that suitable and sufficient arrangements are in place as detailed above.

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