• Published: 19 Jul 2017
  • Incident ID: 4085

Theme Park Ride Crash

Cause & Consequence

  • Contact with something fixed or stationary
  • Trapped or crushed
  • Moving vehicle or vessel

Contributing Factor

  • Communication
  • Complacency
  • Competence
  • Control of work
  • Commitment
  • Culture

Description of Process

A popular theme park ride was stopped due to high winds. 800 people were in a queue waiting for the ride to open.

Description of Incident

Once the ride was re-opened, a safety system was manually over-riden to allow a carriage of people to continue on the track. This resulted in the carriage with people crashing into a stationary empty carriage. Eleven people were left with life-changing injuries.

Good Practice Guidance

Robust systems should be in place to prevent manual over-rides of safety systems.

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