• Published: 6 Mar 2012
  • Incident ID: 3420

Track Hoe Contacts 5 kV Power Cable

Cause & Consequence

  • Contact with something fixed or stationary
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Onshore terminal

Incident Activity

Umbilical / pipe laying

Lessons Identified


 The power cable was not identified as a significant hazard on the Critical Work Permit or Job Safety Analysis (JSA).

Incident Recommendations

CORRECTIVE ACTIONS: To address this incident, this company did the following:

 Identify Work Management Scope Changes: Finding an unexpected power cable while excavating may warrant a work scope change. Once found, work should be stopped and the power cable indicated on the critical work permit or JSA to prompt additional mitigation measures (e.g. Deenergize, hydro-excavation);

 Standard for Excavating Power Cables: Develop an explicit procedure for exposing an underground power cable to be included in the procedures for ground disturbance;

 Never approach or touch a power cable after it has been contacted. Contact an electrician to deenergize before inspecting damage.

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