• Published: 6 Oct 2011
  • Incident ID: 3391

Training Centre TEMPSC Launch Near Miss

Cause & Consequence

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Incident Info Source

Uniteam Offshore Training Centre

Specific Incident Equipment

Totally Enclosed Motor Propelled Survival Craft (TEMPSC)

Lessons Identified

Cause of failure of SPLIT PIN cannot be established conclusively; it may be possible,

though improbable, that during greasing operations on 22nd of September (quarterly

maintenance routines) the split pin got damaged, and the bolt gradually came out during

6 launch/recovery operations of the TEMPSC.

A more likely cause is that the split pin got damaged during normal handling of the Fall

Block (offload) when UOTC staff is recovering the TEMPSC. It has been noted that the

Operators shake the Fall Block vigorously to check whether the lifeboat hook has closed


The bolt can slide vertically in the Fall Block, as well as rotate freely. Investigative team

also established that bolt can tilt slightly in the housing, and it is possible that the

combination of vertical/rotational tilting motion during this vigorous handling caused the

split pin ends to make contact with the pulley in the Fall Block housing and disintegrate.

It was also observed that during testing of the aft Fall Block and washer/bolt combination,

that the washer is very loose and can rotate independent of the bolt. This could have

resulted in the SPLIT PIN being damaged.

Whatever the cause, this is a NEAR MISS that could have caused serious injury/material

damage, and/or loss of reputation/income. Its reoccurrence can be prevented by

increasing inspection routines.

Incident Recommendations

New SPLIT PIN (original) to be sourced, and installed;

PRECOURSE CHECKLIST for lifeboat operations to be updated to include new routine: Check all split

Consider rigging safety strops through Fall Block and Lifeboat Release Hook, to arrest fall of

TEMPSC if washer/bolt combination fails. This is to be carefully considered, as the fitting of safety strop

or shackle may cause damage to the SPLIT PIN;

pins on TEMPSC and lifeboat davits, prior launch of TEMPSC is authorized

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