• Published: 12 May 2011
  • Incident ID: 3127

Tubulars Trapped Thumb

Cause & Consequence

  • Handling, lifting or carrying
Incident Consequence

Incident Location

Drilling unit

Incident Activity

Any Activity Type

Incident Info Source

Specific Incident Equipment

No details available

Lessons Identified

• Trapped limbs

• Risk of minor, serious, or disabling injury

Incident Recommendations

• Discuss at safety meetings/toolbox talks

• Raise awareness of risks of tubulars moving during handling

• Raise awareness of need for care in positioning of hands

• Avoid wherever possible contact with these loads by hand and when unavoidable: - use hands in “flat or fisted” position only, and on areas of tubulars which do not create the potential for pinch points; - do not grip around edges of tubulars.

• Take time to ensure the load is stable and do not be over-enthusiastic to get involved in manhandling the load.

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