• Published: 16 Feb 2024

Two dropped object incidents

Two dropped object incidents
Two dropped object incidents

Description of Incident

Incident 1 – dropped metal wedge

A pin was required to be pulled on a hinge system for the dynamic gangway system on a W2W (walk-to-work) vessel. As part of this task metal wedges were used to hold some of the gangway components in place. The job of pulling the pins was not going as expected due to space limitations, the effects of surface corrosion on the pins and the chosen method of pulling the pins. While pulling the pin out, the metal wedge in place was dislodged and fell between the gangway components, 13m to the deck below. No-one was underneath the gangway at the time.

Incident 2 - Dropped Lightning Rod

A lighting rod conductor mounted on top of a dynamic gangway tower for a Walk-To-Walk vessel was found lying on the deck below the tower. No personnel onboard the vessel observed or heard the object fall.

The potential for serious injury existed due to:

  • The location of the dropped area (deck is frequented by personnel);
  • The weight of the object (1.5kg) and the distance it fell (26m).

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