• Published: 5 Jan 2024

Two Hand Injuries

Two Hand Injuries
Two Hand Injuries

Description of Incident

A member reports two hand injuries.

Incident 1:

As a Pilot climbed the vessel's access hatch to the under-deck passage, his backpack straps entangled with the hatch retaining bar. A sudden release of the hatch caused it to abruptly close, causing pain and swelling to the Pilot's right-hand knuckle.

Incident 2:

A sudden movement of a small boat caused a seaman’s thumb to get caught between the fender and the quay, leading to injury. The small boat was being moored alongside at a mooring ring. It was high tide, so the mooring ring was about 0.5 m below the bulwark of the boat. As the boat approached the mooring ring, the seaman began securing the boat even though it was not yet hard up against the quay. The bow of the boat moved unexpectedly, causing his thumb to get caught leading to a crush laceration injury.

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