• Published: 20 Oct 2020

Uncontrolled decent of crane boom

Uncontrolled decent of crane boom
Uncontrolled decent of crane boom

Cause & Consequence

  • Moving, flying or falling object
  • Handling, lifting or carrying
  • Moving machinery or material being machined

Description of Incident

The operation involved offloading 9 5/8” casing from a supply vessel to the rig’s cantilever deck. The crew was utilising a main deck crane, operating on a single line (“whip line”). Two bundles with three casing joints each were in the process of being lowered on top of the casing already stacked on the cantilever deck. Suddenly, the crane boom wire parted causing the load and crane boom to drop and then come to rest on top of the casing stack on the cantilever. No personal injuries occurred as a result of the incident.

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