• Published: 10 Jun 2024

Unsecured Load

Unsecured Load
Unsecured Load

Description of Incident

A supply vessel was travelling back to port after receiving operational equipment from an offshore platform.

While travelling back to port numerous loud bangs were heard coming from the main deck. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that the doors to the container carrying the wheeled base cooler frame had burst open due to the load inside being unsecured.

The supply vessel had to slow down, then use tugger lines to adjust then secure the load before continuing back to port.


  • Wheeled frame may have been used; however, had no dunnage and, without dunnage, was unsuitable for transit with wheels in contact with the container floor.
  • There was a communication breakdown on the correct backloading process to be followed.
  • There were an insufficient number of ratchet straps utilised
  • Tarpaulin was available to cover the cooler but not utilised. Covering would mitigate possible snagging of the container bridal on the coolers flanges during lifting operations.

Key Learnings:

  • Time out for Safety held and refresher on the correct method to backload equipment was completed.
  • Coaching sessions were arranged for those involved with the incident.
  • A review of training and competency requirements related to cargo backloading was undertaken.

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