• Published: 11 Jun 2024

Various Dropped Objects - Near Miss Incidents

Various Dropped Object Near Miss Incidents
Various Dropped Object Near Miss Incidents

Description of Incident

Three dropped object incidents were reported on assets. Although no personnel were harmed, such dropped objects have the potential to cause serious harm:

Incident #1: A team of scaffolders were tasked with erecting scaffolding within the wellheads area of an offshore installation. As the team were passing materials down, a foreign object in the form of a broom handle dropped out of a scaffold tube and narrowly missed one of the scaffolders.

Incident #2: A scaffold team were in the process of dismantling long-term scaffold. As they were doing this a hammer fell to the ground from a cable tray.

Incident #3: A team of scaffolders were in the process of dismantling scaffolding when an insulation knife fell out of a scaffold tube.


  • Incidents #1 & #3: The negligent behaviours of individuals were determined to be the root cause the incidents - individuals wrongly made the decision to store a foreign object in a scaffold tube.
  • Incident #2: It is understood the hammer had been positioned on the cable tray for a long period of time based on the condition of the hammer. The activities of the scaffolders disturbed the hammer on the cable tray causing it to drop.


  • Personnel must ensure that Life-saving Rules on the Line of Fire and Working at Height are always practised. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of barriers/exclusion zones and ensuring tools/work materials are secured to prevent dropped objects.
  • Foreign objects should not be stored in scaffold tubes.
  • Scaffolders must ensure suitable caps or pads are applied to accessible scaffold tubes to prevent foreign items being stored within tubes.

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