• Published: 2 Mar 2021

Working from home

Working from home 2
Working from home 2

Description of Incident

Whilst working from home, we need to ensure we take the appropriate breaks whilst sitting at our laptops/desktops.

Get up and walk about for a period to ensure our body continues to function fully.

Look around and focus on something other than the screen every so often.

Remember you are still at work during this period, therefore, should you experience any requirement to attend a medical facility, because of something which would be recorded at work, it must be reported to your line manager.

Incidents do happen at home and can be more likely. Because we have less distractions, we tend to spend more time concentrating on the screen and less time interacting, therefore we need to be mindful of the possible effects to our body.

Think of our eyes, wrists, hands, backs, and posture. Would you sit like that in the office? Would you stay in that position for so long working in the office? Would you stare at your screen as long without a break normally?

During the lockdown period we have experienced one member of staff having to be medically assessed in A&E, due likely to one of the above causes.

Make sure it’s not you next….

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Home Working and Staying Healthy (CIEHF) - A useful infographic created by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors (CIEHF) to help those working from home and includes guidance on:

Setting up your workspace

Creating the right environment

Navigating your home

Staying mentally fit

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