Prevention of Major Accidents

Onshore Support Personnel

Everyone has a part to play in keeping our offshore and front-line workers safe.

For example, HR should be aware of the critical role they play in employing the correct people and ensuring competencies are correct and up-to-date; procurement should be aware of their role in ensuring that the correct materials and equipment are sourced and, if like-for-like cannot be the achieved, the importance in communicating this to the appropriate people; logistics should be aware of the criticality of the correct people and equipment being available on time; and finance should know the role they play in making all this happen.

An MAH online module covering topics which will help onshore personnel understand the part they play in controlling Major Accident Hazard is available for free to all Step Change in Safety members.


e-learning for onshore personnel

Click here to access our MAH e-learning module

Resources for Onshore Personnel

Major Accident Hazards Awareness (Induction film) 2021
Major Accident Hazards Awareness (Induction film) 2021
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