Clear Expectations and Effective Communication

Clear Expectations and Effective Communication

Why are Clear Expectations and Effective Communication so important?

Toolbox Talks or TBTs as we all know them, are an integral part of Personal Responsibility for Safety so it is key that they define clear expectations and demonstrate effective communication.

It is during the TBT that all members of the team involved with the task have the platform to openly discuss the scope of work ahead, how the work will be carried to completion safely and effectively. It also allows any potential issues or hazards which may arise to be highlighted and the best means on how to respond to these.

The TBT gives the opportunity to confirm that not only do the team members understand the hazards and any associated control measures that have been put in place to complete a job, but to also highlight and discuss any other issues that were not previously there when the control of work documentation was written.


How to use this resource

This resource, developed by our WEST workgroup, is a video regarding what a good toolbox talk looks like. Guiding teams through the importance of setting down clear expectations to work parties and ensuring that hazards and related risks are effectively communicated. The resource explores what a good Toolbox talk looks like and how best to engage and inspire your teams. The intention is that the video is to be watched at safety meetings and workforce engagement sessions to reinforce the importance of an effective Toolbox Talk and initiate discussion as to how things could be improved at site. It highlights the importance of actively listening and taking part in a Toolbox Talk. It can also be used by members of the work party and does not need to be a supervisor-led meeting.

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