Intervention and Encouraging Safe Behaviours

Intervention and Encouraging Safe Behaviours

Why is Intervention and Encouraging Safe Behaviours so important?

This topic has been selected to reinforce the importance of being a safety leader and taking responsibility for the safety of yourself and your colleagues. Intervention and follow up is a critical part in preventing accidents and injuries within the workplace. This animation, which forms part of the resource pack that can be downloaded below, visually demonstrates how having personnel responsibility for safety can lead to a positive outcome.

The materials featured in the three subtopics that make up the 2021 Q4 safety theme of Personal Responsibility for Safety have been created by the WEST workgroup.


How to use this resource

These posters and short animations focus on the importance of personnel responsibility for safety in Interventions and Encouraging Safe Behaviours. The animations look at intervention and following up to prevent personnel injury, but also at the outcome when interventions do not occur. The animation should be used by on and offshore teams to deliver within safety meetings/pre-mob briefings/townhalls. It can also be used on a continuous loop on screens. The animation is supported by a poster campaign, which again can be distributed and displayed around offices and offshore sites and digitally via intranets etc.


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