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Hello and welcome to the June 2020 monthly update from Step Change in Safety.

As the year marches on, we once again find our monthly update being led by our efforts in the COVID-19 space. That said, this is a milestone update as we have spent much of our time over the last month creating information videos and preparing for a very well attended Webinar on the “new normal” and what to expect as you return to your place of work. Our support team here at Step Change in Safety are also adjusting to our “new normal” however, as yet, there is no sign of a return to office-based work for us.

We have highlighted some of the areas we have continued to work on through the COVID-19 period and are now in the process of developing how best to continue our engagement using remote and virtual communications. Our events schedule remains limited in the near term however, we are now looking at potential events for the second half of the year and will be promoting these in due course through our website and other media links.

Before leaving you to enjoy the remainder of the update I want to thank Gordon Rorrison and his team at CNOOC for inviting me to be part of their virtual Boots on for Safety (BOFS) event which saw us engage with the Scott platform OIM, ESRs, supervisors and workers. This proved to be a very worthwhile engagement and demonstrated that despite the challenges created by minimum manning Leadership, engagement is still possible.

VBOFS is certainly on our agenda, so watch this space.

Take care, keep safe, and #PlayYourPart.

Steve Rae, Executive Director.

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We were delighted to welcome around 200 online guests from around the world at our “Working in the ‘New Normal” webinar on Wednesday 3rd June. Our panel featured front-line workers and safety reps, who have continued their roles at offshore and onshore sites during the COVID-19 related down-manning.