HM Queen Elizabeth II - a lifetime of service

Step Change in Safety wish to acknowledge and reflect on the lifetime of service of HM Queen Elizabeth II.

The Queen’s reign and selfless commitment spanned 70 years of her life, during which time she engaged directly with our industry and its workers. From joining us to initiate the first oil from the Forties field in 1975, to taking time to visit with those directly impacted by the events of the 6th of July 1988, she made the time to celebrate and mourn with us.

Our Executive Director Steve Rae had the privilege of meeting HM Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip in 1988, along with others who survived Piper Alpha, in a “closed door” meeting in one of the buildings at Aberdeen Harbour. This personal visit helped provide some comfort to those in attendance during some of the darkest hours our city and its people have experienced.

It has been well reported that North East Scotland held a special place in HM Queen Elizabeth II's heart, so it is fitting that her final days were spent in her beloved Balmoral Castle.

On behalf of everyone involved in Step Change in Safety, we thank you ma’am for taking the time to support us when needed.