Most effective resource for keeping our workforce safe

In the lead-up to our 25th anniversary, we issued a survey to members to define which top 4 resources were the most effective at keeping our workforce safe.

Our respondents included offshore workers, onshore workers and H&S professionals. During our 25th anniversary live event and from the top 4 previously selected, we then gave attendees the opportunity to vote for their number one most effective resource for keeping our workforce safe.

The ‘Remembering Piper Film’ was a clear winner with 51% of the votes, 18% of the votes went to the Mental Health Awareness Campaign, Major Accident Hazard Awareness Campaign took 17% of the votes and the Green Hat Policy ended with 14% of the votes.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote in advance and on the day.

The 'Remembering Piper Alpha' resource can be found on our website here: This is also shared annually on the 6th July to remind us why remaining vigilant, and Playing Your Part is so important.