Offshore Helicopter Supply Chain

Offshore Helicopter Supply Chain - Open Letter To Members

The Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group (OHSLG) has aligned regulators, operators, unions, government departments, oil and gas industry leaders & trade bodies on a clear, safety-focussed approach to the aviation segment of the energy industry supply chain.

Aviation, and North Sea offshore helicopter operations, is one of the most strictly governed industries in the world. Every element is closely monitored, audited, and regulated to ensure it meets, or exceeds, all safety requirements.

Helicopter operators are currently experiencing significant problems around the supply of helicopter parts. These problems are being professionally managed in accordance with the regulatory framework and will not be allowed to compromise safe helicopter operations.

Whilst the helicopter manufacturers work to improve the availability and supply of parts, the OHSLG, together with the wider industry, remains resolutely focussed on the safe, efficient delivery of North Sea flying operations, and are grateful for the support and patience of everyone involved as it continues to deliver the safe, trusted and dependable operations upon which the U.K. relies.

The safety of passengers and crew will remain the priority at all times. The safety of the workforce always comes first; it is the bedrock of our organisation and what shapes our goals.

Step Change in Safety will continue to play its part. Executive Director Craig Wiggins sits on the OHSLG leadership group and will continue to play a key part in these discussions and share clear communication on this matter to our members.

Any questions on this issue should be routed via your company channels or sent to