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⚠️We're delighted to announce a brand new team event - the Step Change in Safety Major Accident Hazard (MAH) Understanding Quiz

⚠️ Get a team together to battle for the title of Major Accident Hazard Understanding champions.

⚠️ Test your knowledge about Major Accident Hazards

⚠️ WATCH the short trailer (below)

To sign up and register your team, please visit the events section of our website https://www.stepchangeinsafety... or click on the link below:

Friday 1st
October 2021
MAH Understanding Quiz
20:00 - 21:00 GMT

The quiz has three rounds:

🔺Major Accidents

🔺MAH Management

🔺Pot Luck

Please note that many of the answers of the Major Accident and MAH Management rounds can be found within the MAH Understanding resources found on the Step Change in Safety MAH Understanding webpage.

Watch out for social media announcements of new resources!

Team details and requirements:

  • The team captain must be employed by a Step Change in Safety member company and all correspondence will done via the team captain
  • Each team must have a maximum of four members. Think about a team name which should include a reference to the asset you're working on.
  • The team must be from the same worksite but can be comprised of different employers.
  • All team members must be in the same physical location when playing the quiz. The event will be hosted on Zoom – a link will be emailed upon registering on Eventbrite.
  • The quiz will be run through Kahoot. Multiple teams can sit in the same room to join and view the quiz, but each team will require an additional device to answer the questions, i.e. a larger screen (cinema, laptop) to view the quiz hosts and questions on Zoom and another (laptop, table, smartphone) to answer the questions on Kahoot.

Registering for the event:

• Register with your team captain’s name.

Event queries:

💻➡️ Please contact: info@stepchangeinsafety.net


Prize money:

  • Prize money will be awarded to the teams in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.
  • All prize monies must be donated to the charities of the winning teams’ choices so please give this careful consideration in advance of the quiz.