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Hello and welcome to the May 2020 monthly update from Step Change in Safety.

Over the last eight weeks, we have been extremely active with our COVID-19 response. Throughout this period of disruption and lockdown we have not lost sight of some of our other core programs.

The lockdown period has significantly impacted our program of events and forums with a blanket postponement of all physical events for the foreseeable future. Despite this interruption our Support Team, workgroup Co-chairs and members have remained active in the planning and development of alternative modes of delivery.

Our May update serves as a comprehensive round-up of the valuable work the groups have carried out in these unprecedented times.

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The Joined-up Thinking workgroup has been working with the Marine Safety Forum to produce a pack focussed on the hazards associated with Confined Space Entry. This collaborative Joined-up Thinking pack contains a high-quality film showing a successful task involving confined space.

The safety moment is based on the Accident Investigation Board Norway (AIBN) safety investigation of a fatality onboard a chemical tanker in 2011 and is intended to highlight how the IOGP Life Saving Rules and the Step Change in Safety 7Cs of safety can be applied to keep people safe when working in confined spaces.