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MyVantage is a new application developed from Vantage, the POB Management tool which is currently used throughout the UK Oil and Gas industry.

Throughout 2017, extensive workforce and user group engagement took place – including discussions with Step Change in Safety – and in early 2018, work on the development of MyVantage began with a small test team, including Nexen, Equinor, Shell, Total and ConocoPhillips.

MyVantage allows the offshore workforce to easily view and check their own personal information (which is held in Vantage) access trip histories, view future bookings and receive industry and Operator information.

The MyVantage programme is accessible through a mobile web page and can be accessed via computer, smart phone or tablet.

If the Operator allows, offshore travellers will also have the option to use the online check-in function resulting in a simplified process at the heliport and a smoother transit to the offshore destination.

MyVantage can be accessed here:

You can access this link via your computer, smartphone or tablet.

In order to use MyVantage, you will need a valid email address stored in Vantage (if in doubt, please contact your company) and you will also have a valid Vantage ID number.

For more information, please have a look at the list of FAQs, below or download here:


From July 2018, offshore travellers will be able to access personal details, trip information and history, certificates and other useful information from both the industry and Operators, by logging on to the MyVantage application - a programme which is accessible through a mobile web page and can be accessed via computer, smart phone or tablet.

If the Operator allows, offshore travellers will also have the option to use the online check in function. This allows access to check in details on line, resulting in a simplified process at the Heliport and a smoother transit to the offshore destination.

MyVantage allows access to the following information:                                                                

  • Industry notifications
  • Company Specific notifications
  • Personal details
  • Emergency contact information
  • Certificates
  • Trip history information
  • Future bookings

If an Operator chooses to use the on line check in, this can be accessed through the My Next Trip option of MyVantage.  Here personnel will be able to:

  • Access the Check in features if the check in is open for your flight (this will be set by the Operating company)
  • Perform Aircheck (check an individual’s certificates/training is valid for flight)
  • Confirm contact details are correct
  • Read and confirm any declaration messages
  • Read and confirm any restricted items
  • Produce a ‘check in’ barcode

Note, personnel will be taken through a series of screens which will have to be acknowledged before moving to the next screen and it will not be possible to bypass any steps during this process.

When arriving at the heliport, passengers will still go to the check in desk where the unique barcode will be presented. This barcode can either be presented on a mobile device such as a smart phone or in a printed version. In addition to this, the Check in staff will be able to see, through Vantage POB, anything that has previously been declared during the on line check in, such as medication and/or mobile phone.

Passengers will be requested to weigh baggage as usual and the security process will remain as is.

Further communications will be sent as the testing progresses.  In the meantime, here are some anticipated questions which may arise. Any further questions can be directed to



How will I register for MyVantage?

If you have a valid e-mail address stored in Vantage (contact your Company to ensure this is correct if in doubt), and have a valid Vantage ID number, you’ll be able to simply access the link via your computer, smart phone or tablet. 

Go to and follow the link to MyVantage.

To add MyVantage to your home screen for Chrome, firstly go to  Once there, click on the three dots in the top right corner as shown here:

Next, click on the ‘add to home screen’:

The option will be given to rename the bookmark and then Add:

Once added, the icon will show on the home screen.

When you first access the system, you will be directed to a log-in screen and for first time users, you will click on ‘register’. Once ‘register’ has been selected, the registration screen will be displayed.


Each field will need to be filled out with the same information that is held in Vantage which consists of:

  • Vantage ID number
  • Email Address
  • Date of birth.

If unsure as to exactly what is in Vantage, please check with your company as if it’s not exactly as stated in the Vantage system, registration will be unsuccessful. A common error is with the e-mail address.

Once the information has been entered, click the ‘submit’ button and you will receive a message stating that you will receive a temporary password.

Retrieve the temporary password from your e-mail account (as stored in Vantage) and use to log in for the first time. You will then have the opportunity to change your password which follows the rules of minimum 8 characters, which must contain at least 2 digits, and are case sensitive.

Will I be able to see my Future Bookings?

Yes, a ‘read only’ screen called ‘Future Bookings’ will allow you to view details of any future bookings. For each booking, you will see the Flight name and date, departure location and time, arrival location and time and the booking owner.

Please note that this information will be dependent on your company populating Vantage with your bookings. Some companies will store a number of planned rotations whereas others choose to use other systems for longer term rotations.

By clicking on a booking, this will expand the information. Any bookings which have been altered will be shown in red with a reason given for the change.

Once the flight has been opened then the user will then be able to check-in for that flight using MyVantage by clicking on the ‘Check-In’ button. Note that the availability of this function is dependant on whether your operator has  choosen to use on line check in.

Will I always be able to check in online through My Vantage?

If the Operator you’re going to be working on behalf of has activated this functionality, you will be able to check in online, but if the Operator is not using this function, you will only get as far as viewing future bookings. It will be clear at this point that you will need to carry out full check in once you reach the heliport.

When will I be able to check in?

Each Operator will be able to preset the time that the check in will be ‘open’, and typically this will be 24 hours prior to the check in time. However, if there are weather delays or many changes to personnel on a specific flight, the flight may remain unavailable for on line check in.  We recommend that you continue to check.

However, if for some reason, the flight is not available for on line check in, this doesn’t mean the flight is cancelled. You should still report to the Heliport at your given check in time.

Will anything stop me carrying out the full ‘on line’ check in?

Yes. There are a number of reasons which will stop you completing the full check in online. This means that you will require some sort of assistance once you reach the heliport unless you can rectify and then continue with the ‘on line’ check in. These include:

  • Any gaps in either industry or company specific competency training
  • If the XBR seat limit has been breached
  • If insufficient rest period has been taken
  • Inability to provide a valid passport
  • If there is an exclusion period attached to your name

What are the steps I will have to follow to complete the Check In?

As part of the ‘check in’ process, you will need to confirm your contact details. You will be shown a screen that is similar to the ‘View Contact Details’ screen but will have the additional functionality. At the bottom of the screen, you will be asked whether these details are correct:


If your details are incorrect, you will not be able to progress but be prompted to contact your Logistics Department. They can then ensure your details are correct in Vantage.

If, for some reason, you cannot resolve the issue, you will simply proceed as normal to the Heliport Check In desk where a member of staff will be able to help you.

If your details are correct, you will be able to continue to check in for your flight and will be taken to the CAA Declaration screen regarding Dangerous Goods where you will be asked to confirm that your baggage contains NO dangerous goods items.

A number of other questions will follow which you will either answer ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to, or be asked to confirm your understanding of. These include, but not limited to:

  • Carriage of medication
  • Carriage of mobile phones
  • Awareness of Company’s Knife policy
  • Awareness of Company’s food and drink policy
  • Awareness of Company’s Alcohol and Substance abuse policy
  • Awareness of Electronic Cigarette policy
  • Awareness of Company’s food and drink policy
  • Awareness of Industry Standard clothing policy


What about prohibited items?

See above. You will be prompted to acknowledge whether you are carrying any prohibited items and, as with any on line check in, this will include items such as explosives, adhesives, gases and so on. This list will appear first, followed by any specific items deemed prohibited by your Company. In both cases, you will be prompted to acknowledge ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ and if ‘Yes’, you will not be allowed to continue with the online check in but will be redirected to proceed to the usual check in at the heliport.

Am I still allowed to carry medication and phones?

The next screen will ask you to declare any ‘restricted’ items, such as mobile phones and medication. These are the 2 most common restricted items across the industry but there might be other company specific items as well.

You will be asked:

  1. ‘Are you carrying any medication?’
  2. ‘Are you carrying any mobile phones?’

After EACH question, you will be prompted to acknowledge.  This will be flagged against your booking in Vantage which can be seen by the Check in personnel.

Will I be given a ‘boarding card’?

Once you have completed the above steps, you will receive confirmation that you have completed the ‘online’ check in and will be given a unique barcode. This can either be printed or sent to your smart phone.

This is not the same as a boarding pass as you will still be required to complete the final steps at the heliport.

Will I be able to print the information I need?

Any documents or information can be printed if access to a printer is available. 

What happens next?

You will know your check in time already through MyVantage and at this stage, please check MyVantage to ensure this has not been changed.

Go to the heliport at the time you have been allocated and proceed as usual to the agreed check in desk.

If you have successfully completed the online check in and do not need any further assistance, the check in person will scan your unique barcode which will change your status in Vantage to show as manifested for this flight.

The only thing you will be asked to do is have your bags weighed. Depending on the Operator you’ll be working for, you may be asked to stand on the scales to record your actual weight. You can then proceed to security as usual.

What happens if I’m carrying medication or other restricted items?

During your online check in process, you will have acknowledged whether you are carrying any restricted items. These will automatically be flagged to the Check in staff through Vantage.

When you go through the baggage security check, the Security staff will be able to see what you’ve declared during your online check in but it’s your ultimate responsibility to declare at this point. Depending on the Operating company, you may be required to place medication in the dedicated box or bag, which will go directly to the medic offshore. Alternatively, medication will be placed in a bag, sealed and carried in your personal baggage. 

You and your bags will go through security as normal and be subjected to x-ray and/or hand searches.

Similar procedures will be followed for other restricted items, in line with the specific Company policies.

What if I couldn’t complete my online check in?

If, at any stage during the online check in process, you weren’t able to continue – for example, if you need to change your contact details and haven’t had chance to have these changed – when you arrive at the heliport, either go to a ‘Customer Service Representative’ or member of the check in staff and they will help you.

Will it change the way we check in offshore?

This will depend on the Operator you are working for but it will allow for a change in process similar to that when travelling from on to offshore. Your usual process will be followed for weighing baggage and ensuring all safety checks, including watching the safety brief, prior to travel.

Process Flow for Online Check In

What if my Check In Time Changes?

From time to time, especially during weather delays, your check in time may change and you will need to check for these changes. However, we recognize that, sometimes changes are made within the 24-hour period, and therefore you may already have checked in.

If this is the case and you receive no further notifications, proceed to the heliport as normal.

If changes are made within the 24 hours and you are contacted by phone, you will proceed to the heliport at the new time provided.

How will I check for Notifications?

MyVantage is very user friendly and clear steps will take you to the information you require.

When a notification has been sent, you will see ‘unread’ on the My Notification screen with a number indicating how many notifications you have unread.

When ‘My notifications’ is selected then the notification is shown.  Click on the ‘Read More’ button to expand the message.

Once the message has been read then the user will need to click on the home button to return to the main screen which is located to the top right of the screen.

How will I check my Certificates and Training Records?

When in “My Certificates and Training Records” you will see all your training records, including any which have expired. The certificates will be ordered by their award dates, with the newest first. 


There are three different colours assicated with the certificates, Red means that the certificates is expired. Oranges means that the certificate is due to expire soon. Green means that the certificate is not due to expire soon.

When ‘Read More…’ is clicked, the certificate will expand and show all information about that certificate.

How will I check my Personal Information?

In ‘My Contact Details’ all your personal information, as currently stored in Vantage, will be displayed as below.

If these details are incorrect or correct you have the option to click the relevant button.

Please note that this is a ‘read only’ screen and you will not be able to make changes. If you see something that is incorrect, for example, an amendment to your address or phone number, you will be asked to contact your company or relevant logistics department with the new information. Alternatively, the Heliport Customer Information or Check in Personnel will be able to assist prior to travelling offshore.

What about my Trip History?

A ‘read only’ screen called ‘Trip History’ will direct you to details of your past trips. The information will include the flight names, dates, departure location, departure time, arrival location, arrival time and the booking owner.  These will be displayed in date order with the most recent being shown first. As some of you will have a large number of past trips, your employer may have a limit on the date range and only those that have occurred within the period that has been defined will be displayed.

There are three colours that are associated with the flights:

  • Black for a flight that was offshore to onshore
  • Blue for a flight that is onshore to offshore
  • Grey is for a flight that is onshore to onshore.

Will everyone have access to MyVantage?

Yes, if they choose to. You must be registered in the Vantage system and have a unique Vantage number, have a valid Vantage ID number and have a valid Email address. Whilst it is your choice whether you use the link, your company will decide whether they want to make this a standard part of their process.

Will I be able to view anyone else’s personal details through MyVantage?

No. You will only have access to your own personal information