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Helicopter Safety Awareness Course - NHV NORWICH

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All offshore helicopter operators in the UK are coming together to work with Step Change in Safety to present an awareness course for helicopter safety. The Helicopter Safety Awareness Courses will be run throughout 2020, jointly presented by Babcock, Bristow, CHC and NHV. The courses are aimed at the offshore workforce to get a better understanding of the processes involved in helicopter maintenance, engineering and flight ops.

The course will cover:

1. Flight Operations

2. Passenger Handling

3. Engineering

Topics like triggered lightening, RTB, pilot training and much more will be covered in this half day course.

The first half of the course will be presentation based, and the second half is an optional tour of the helicopter hangar.

The courses are aimed at offshore workers, onshore logistics personnel, supervisors and all those with an interest in helicopter safety.



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Wednesday, 1 April 2020 - 9:00am to 12:00pm

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