Thanks to the excellent collaboration between Step Change 139 members, 2017 has been another very productive year in our collective ambition to... Read more
01 Mar 2018
SIGN UP NOW TO GET MORE INFORMATION ABOUT OUR MAH AWARENESS PACKS In 2018, we will release a series of working packs to our members. The packs... Read more
01 Feb 2018
OFFSHORE HANDLING OF THE MK50 LIFEJACKET & PSTASS (EBS) We have received some information from Survitec about the handling of the MK50... Read more
17 Oct 2017
Nexen recently (July 2017) invited Step Change in Safety (Step Change) to return to the Golden Eagle platform almost a year to the day since its... Read more
31 Aug 2017
As you are aware, all passengers travelling offshore by helicopter are required to sit in a seat where the nearest emergency exit is compatible... Read more
02 Aug 2017
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01 Aug 2017
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25 Jul 2017
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Les Linklater, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety said: “We recognise that the Civil Aviation Authorities in the UK and Norway have set... Read more
07 Jul 2017
Step Change in Safety came together with BP, Viking Life Saving Equipment and Survitec to deliver a webinar looking at escape and evacuation... Read more
05 Jul 2017
Human Factors in Medicine Over 50 delegates attended our first Cross Industry knowledge sharing event on 16th May - Human Factors in Medicine. We... Read more
21 Jun 2017