The Major Accident Hazards workgroup recently held a workshop for managing directors with the aim of improving their understanding of Major... Read more
14 Mar 2017
The Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group (OHSLG) is a tripartite group established through the amalgamation of the CAA’s Offshore... Read more
10 Jan 2017
Published at 11:15am on 10/01/17 Les Linklater, Executive Director of Step Change in Safety said: “This morning Sikorsky released an Alert Service... Read more
10 Jan 2017
“The Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group, which is made up of the UK CAA, helicopter operators, representatives from the oil and gas... Read more
05 Jan 2017
WEST Webinar; are Safety Observations a numbers game? Sunday 4 th December saw the second WEST webinar of the year. This 45 minute session... Read more
05 Dec 2016
Have you signed up for the Asset Integrity Lunch and Learn taking place in December? The event, which is taking place on Thursday 8th December... Read more
28 Nov 2016
Step Change in Safety has launched a new Joined-Up Thinking Pack specifically aimed at Lifting Operations. The pack offers a detailed look at how... Read more
25 Nov 2016
The Lifting workgroup are hosting their last forum for the year, which is free for Step Change members, on Tuesday 22nd November. It will be held... Read more
10 Nov 2016
New story
We are aware of the Airworthiness Directive issued today, 7th October 2016, by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA) relating to the EC225... Read more
07 Oct 2016
You may have an impact on the management of Major Accident Hazards - wherever you are With hundreds of miles of water between the platform and the... Read more
06 Sep 2016