The Eagle has landed - Simplification on Golden Eagle

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Nexen recently (July 2017) invited Step Change in Safety (Step Change) to return to the Golden Eagle platform almost a year to the day since its first visit. The platform was the very first to go live with Safe Working Essentials (SWE) – the first output from the Simplification steering group which tackles standardisation of Toolbox Talks, Dynamic Risk Assessment and Observation Cards. More than 18 months later the platform opened its (fireproof) doors to representatives from ConocoPhillips so they could see for themselves how the platform has embraced the Step Change campaign.

ConocoPhillips is keen to roll Safe Working Essentials out across all departments so their visit was a great opportunity to see first-hand how it worked. Step Change Project Coordinator Emily Taylor said: “This is a fantastic example of how organisations throughout the oil and gas industry on the UKCS can work together to collaborate and improve safety performance – any concerns ConocoPhillips may have had have most likely already been addressed on Nexen’s Golden Eagle. Why learn from your own mistakes, when you can learn from others?!”

The trip may only have been two days; however it was a great opportunity to speak to the people using the tool throughout their working day. Emily added: “During the two days, we listened to toolbox talks, engaged with teams while they took their teabreaks and discussed Simplification with the platform safety committee and with the OIM during the induction. It’s unanimous – the offshore workers on Golden Eagle firmly believe they are safer since using SWE.”

The OIM said: “It’s straightforward, it’s easy, but most of all it’s simple. Yeah the guys were unsure at first because it was a change, but now it’s great. I genuinely believe it is making us a safer and a more effective platform.”

The HSE advisor said: “You walk around here and you speak to people and see how they use it, and it’s really encouraging. People, who have come from other platforms, know how to use this one system and the quality of the toolbox talks has increased significantly. Nobody has a bad word to say about it. More than that we are able to give feedback directly to the people submitting the cards and we can have conversations on safe behaviours.”


During the trip we bumped into Tommy Timms, one of the Elected Safety Representatives on the platform (and recent Safety Representative of the Year Winner at the 2017 Offshore Safety awards) and we were able to pin him down for a quick chat about the project...


Emily said: “Nexen is a good example to other companies who currently use SWE at site – open your (fireproof) doors and let other companies in to see how it has worked for them. For Nexen, the (Golden) Eagle has landed – but for others, the first flight can be made a little easier  when someone shows you how.”