Elected Safety Reps invited to join Step Change Leadership Team

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A decision has been taken by Ken Robertson & Martin Ellins, Co-Chairs of the Step Change in Safety Leadership Team, to invite currently active Elected Safety Representatives to become members & active participants of the Step Change in Safety Leadership Team. 


This team will meet up to three times during the remainder of 2011, currently August 24th & November 24th (which will be Leadership Team meetings) & October 25th (which will be the Annual Planning Day).


The process will be kept as simple as possible, & will involve this invitation being sent to our ESR Network email distribution list and published on our new web site; the responses will be collected by the support team & a ballot will take place should there be more than the required 12 names. 


All 12 representatives will be invited to participate in each & every Leadership Team meeting either in person or electronically, with a final selection by the quorum of the 2 or 3 required attendees being the individuals selected to represent the views of the group.  Emails & correspondence will be sent by the support team to facilitate this.


Every attempt will be made to have the attending safety reps selected from those already on their field break, this will ease the process & avoid potentially difficult crew changes taking place.  


Your name, along with your employing company & operating company of your installation, & a short summary of what you think you can offer as the representative, should be forwarded to Carolyn@stepchangeinsafety.net by Friday July 29th 2011.