Electronic version of the ECI phase out

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During 2009 and 2010 the oil and gas industry introduced the Minimum Industry Safety Training, known as MIST,  to complement the existing emergency training.  A gap analysis was commissioned and performed by OPITO to identify if MIST satisfactorily covered all of the aspects included within the electronic version of the Employing Company Induction and confirmed that this was indeed the case.

As a result of this information becoming available it has been decided that Step Change in Safety will be withdrawing their sponsorship of the electronic version of the Employing Company Induction which is currently being provided by a company called Global Web.

This action should in no way detract from the commitment shown by companies to deliver their own internal Company Inductions.

The Step Change in Safety sponsorship is scheduled to cease on the 31st May 2011, at which time the electronic version of the ECI will no longer be available.