Escape and Evacuation Webinar draws in viewers

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Step Change in Safety came together with BP, Viking Life Saving Equipment and Survitec to deliver a webinar looking at escape and evacuation issues in the oil and gas industry. The webinar covered three topics;

  1. Viking Life Saving Equipment knowledge share - discussing the potential consequences if your Viking life rafts are not serviced properly
  2. Passenger Size update - discussing remeasurement requirements to any persons who are XBR or above 54.8cm
  3. Changes to passenger PLBs - looking at what the industry is doing around changing passenger PLBs

The webinar was well attended by both onshore and offshore workers who sent in lots of questions on the topic, including whether the oil and gas industry would fund free gym memberships for offshore workers who are XBR...! 
You can watch and listen to the webinar below, which only lasts 40 minutes!


The flowchart below details the passenger size process a person should go through for shoulder measurements - including if they need to get re-measured. You can also download a presentation on the topic here.