The Health and Safety Executive and Step Change in Safety Introduction to the new Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

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The Health and Safety Executive and Step Change in Safety have once again worked together in order to present to the offshore oil and gas industry a development in existing legislation to ease compliance and make understanding of the requirements easier for those who may be affected by exposure to chemicals at work.

E COSHH Essentials will be introduced through presentation and discussion at the Menzies Hotel on Thursday 3rd March 2011.  Attached to this web entry is the agenda outlining the content of this informative day.

Please send your details to should you wish to attend.  Note that individual confirmations WILL NOT be sent out.

Offshore COSHH Essentials

Exposure to substances hazardous to health is a daily occurrence for thousands of workers in the offshore oil and gas industry. Many of these substances have the potential to cause health effects e.g. skin disease such as dermatitis, cancer and lung disease such as asthma. 

Offshore COSHH Essentials was prepared in partnership by an HSE/Industry/Unions working group and describes good control practice for controlling exposure to chemicals, for a range of common processes and tasks in the offshore industry. The guidance is aimed at managers, safety practitioners, offshore medics and safety representatives in the offshore oil and gas industry, who have responsibility for managing or advising on the control of substances hazardous to health.

The guidance consists of a series of Offshore COSHH Essentials (OCE) sheets giving practical advice on good control practice for specific tasks, and a series of Offshore COSHH Method (OCM) sheets, which give advice on generic COSHH issues such as PPE, health surveillance etc. These OCE and OCM series are part of a suite of guidance on offshore health risks and includes Offshore Food Essentials (OFE) and Offshore Radiation Essentials (ORE).

A brief guide to COSHH for the offshore oil and gas industry

Safety representatives and the workforce

Involvement of employees in identifying and assessing COSHH hazards is very important. Individual employees have legal duties to take care of their own and others’ health and safety and co-operate with management in meeting their obligations.


The Health and Safety Executive have recently issued all of the worksheets, they can be visited by following the following link.


Responsibilities of management: Making sure the workplace is safe from any hazards and that there is no potential health risk. A health and safety program is a must for every organization and is usually up to the management to arrange that. It is also the responsibility of the management to ensure that the workers receive the appropriate training and are certified. Make available the appropriate protective material. Provide the workers as well as the supervisors the health and safety information. Monitoring the supervisors in terms of their attitude towards health and safety. Know more about Health and safety >>