Helicopter Safety Steering Group to reconvene

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Ask a question

Representatives from Eurocopter will be invited to attend this meeting and the HSSG intends to compile a list of questions to put to them and then widely share their responses.

If there's a question you want to ask Eurocopter, get in touch by emailing us at hssg@stepchangeinsafety.net

Eurocopter has also put together a special webpage where you can find current information on the EC225 situation. http://www.eurocopter.com/Aberdeen/


Network Meeting for Safety Representatives

Step Change in Safety's next Network Meeting for Safety Representatives will take place at Aberdeen Exhibition and Conference Centre on 28 November. This event will now feature a special briefing on helicopter safety and an update to what's happening with the ongoing investigation and flight suspension. These events provide a platform to come together as a community of safety reps, engage in dialogue and hear from keynote speakers.

If you are a safety rep and want to attend this meeting, or know of a safety rep in your company who would like to attend, contact us to find out more.