Let There Be Light

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In the oil and gas industry we are accustomed change. A change in shift brings with it new faces, a change in technology can make a job easier and a change in guidance can make a dangerous situation safer.

The next big change of our industry will be helideck lighting implementation, set to come into effect in March 2018. As set out in the CAP437 Civil Aviation Authority requirements, the seventh edition has been revised to incorporate the full and final specification for the helideck lighting scheme comprising perimeter lights, lit Touchdown/Positioning Marking Circle and lit Heliport Identification 'H' Marking.

The purpose of the change is to continuously improve the approach and landing of helicopters at night. At the moment we have fit-for-purpose helideck lighting circle and an H.  

As a direct result of the change in guidance we at Step Change in Safety have enabled the organisation of Helideck Lighting Working Group. The group is made up of representatives from IADC, the Northern North Sea, Eastern Irish Sea, Central North Sea and the Southern North Sea.  It has input from the Helideck Certification Agency (HCA) and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

We aren’t suggesting, as some in the industry would, that everyone needs to panic and start spending millions of pounds on their helidecks right away but you do need to consider the guidance and make moves to add the provision of helideck lighting to assets by March 2018.

Here’s a handy diagram to help you understand what you need to do in the next two years.