Major Accident Hazard Awareness programme is launched

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We have created a series of guidance packs examining Major Accident Hazards on offshore installations.

The packs, which contain a short film and a PowerPoint presentation, will allow member companies to have open conversations with their workforce about the threat of Major Accidents and the controls in place to stop them from happening. They will also discuss why the incident, based on a real-life event in the North Sea, happened and how future incidents can be prevented.

The first of the videos to be released in the series is entitled Major Accident Hazard Identification and Risk Analysis. This will be issued to members and will be made available for purchase by non-members on April 4.

Stuart Taylor, Co-Chair of the Step Change Major Accident Hazard Understanding workgroup said: “The packs have been created to allow the industry to really identify Major Accident Hazards and how they can be prevented. The hope is that they will give the workforce an insight into a real-life situation and it will ask them to consider how they can play their part in preventing a similar event from occurring.”

It will then be followed throughout the year by further packs which will look at: Bowties and Safety and Environmental Critical Elements, Barrier Maintenance and Barrier Assurance and Verification. All packs discuss the same real-life incident but each looks at the event from a different point of view.

Fiona Fitzgerald, Co-Chair of the Step Change in Safety Major Accident Hazard Understanding workgroup said: “So far we have had fabulous feedback about the packs and we are excited to see how the industry utilises this fantastic resource. Identifying Major Accident Hazards is an integral way of preventing life threatening incidents from happening offshore and we hope that this series of packs will create a better equipped and robust workforce, and industry.”

To access the packs click here.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank those involved in the Step Change Major Accident Hazard Understanding Workgroup; I used this video followed up by the presentation power point at this morning’s platform safety meeting and it was very well received, the short film was well delivered and the presentation power point which was editable to make platform specific generated a good healthy discussion within the gathered audience. Great material well done to the workgroup!

Thanks for your feedback. The workgroup worked hard to produce the first pack. Look out for the next one, Bowties and Safety & Environmental Critical Elements, due out mid-June.