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Managing directors of the largest oil and gas firms in the UK will attend a workshop in May to help them understand their role in preventing major accidents. 

The message delivered will be that the management of major accident hazards (MAHs) starts in the board room; as custodians of all operations, it is not good enough to delegate.

Professor Geoff Maitland, who wrote ‘Offshore Oil and Gas in the UK – an Independent Review of the Regulatory Regime’, after the Deepwater Horizon tragedy, will be presenting at the workshop.  “Process safety leadership starts at the top” said Prof. Maitland “and MDs must lead by example.”

Also presenting is Madeleine Abas, health and safety advisor and litigation lawyer.  She will be discussing the new guidance for sentencing those who breach health and safety legislation. While this guidance is currently only active in England, it’s expected to be adopted in Scotland in the near future with the English framework as guidance in the meantime.

The workshop will challenge MD’s awareness of asset integrity; as the MD, are you sleeping soundly while the company managers lie awake worrying?