Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group Statement - ASB S92

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The Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group (OHSLG) is a tripartite group established through the amalgamation of the CAA’s Offshore Helicopter Safety Action Group (OHSAG) and Step Change in Safety’s Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG).  It is jointly chaired by John McColl (CAA) and Mark Abbey (CHC).  Step Change in Safety act as the secretariat for the group.

Offshore Helicopter Safety Leadership Group, made up of helicopter operators, unions, Oil & Gas UK, Step Change in Safety and the Civil Aviation Authority, said: “This morning Sikorsky released an Alert Service Bulletin (ASB) for the S92 requiring a onetime visual inspection of the Tail Rotor Pitch Change Shaft and Bearing assembly on the world wide S92 fleet prior to the next flight.

This precautionary inspection is not a grounding, and will allow helicopter operators to carry out the request, which is additional to current routine inspections.  The Sikorsky ASB is mandatory and so will be complied with by helicopter operators worldwide, and requires operators to undertake:

  • One-off inspections of the tail rotor and bearing assemblies before the next flight
  • A specific check of Health and Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) data for each aircraft

HUMS will detect early indications of any sign of failure. The operators will have completed the checks on all the aircraft by midday tomorrow (Wednesday 11th January, 2017). It is expected that during the next 24 hours there will be a phased return of aircraft following full return to service testing.

Clearly the priority is to ensure that both passengers and crew are safe and it is important to maintain a precautionary stance in what is an ongoing investigation. As we receive information we will deliver it to our members, clients and the workforce.