Shoulder Measurements – when to get re-measured

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As you are aware, all passengers travelling offshore by helicopter are required to sit in a seat where the nearest emergency exit is compatible with their body size. Helicopter passengers are measured by the width of their shoulders and those whose shoulder width is 55.9cm or greater are classified as Extra-Broad (XBR). Those below 55.9cm will be classified as ‘regular’. From the July 1, all XBR passengers are required to be re-measured at frequent intervals. It is recommended that these re-measurements are aligned with BOSIET expiry. When your measurement is taken, there could be an error margin of up to 1.1cm. Therefore, anyone with a shoulder measurement of 54.8cm or above will need to get re-measured. This will be flagged in Vantage from the July 1, 2017

You can find a useful presentation about this here 


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