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The Simplification steering group have been incredibly busy in the first quarter of 2017 managing worksites which are using Safe Working Essentials (SWE) and progressing the next stage of simplification.

As you know, SWE is a toolkit consisting of a toolbox talk, dynamic risk assessment and observation card, which aims to replace existing systems on and offshore. This consistent approach is trying to reduce duplication, increase participation and engagement, and ultimately save time. This is currently in its deployment phase with 40 sites using it by the end of Q1 and more planned for Q2 and Q3. The project is a great example of success having been managed by the right people and having the right conversations.

So, what’s next? Well, we’ve listened to our members who have identified the need for an electronic application to record observations linked to SWE. We have been working with several sites which have already developed their own applications on Excel and Sharepoint. This gives us a great opportunity to see what already works for our members, and simplify and standardise it across the UKCS.

One electronic trending tool for the whole industry would be a very powerful way to collect data and identify strengths and opportunities. This is a great opportunity for our members to tell us what they currently do. We will be asking questions to them like; how do you track your observations? What do you do to feedback to your workforce? Which system do you use?

Every Monday afternoon for the month of May we will be welcoming all members to come along to the Step Change offices and tell us what they think. We would love to  see how different systems are used and we can learn from each other.

If you don’t use anything, at the moment, what functionality would you need it to have? Our aim is to develop an application which is fit for purpose, sustainable and ultimately help simplify and standardise the entire industry.

We can only improve together if we all work together. The Simplification project has been a fantastic example of the power of collaboration, sharing and learning. Step by step we are getting closer to a working environment which is the safest in the world – are you in?


Hi, can you update me on progress, proposed timeline for implementation of any new etool?

Hi Step Change, when will the final version be issued for use? Where can I get the latest draft files?? Best regards, Jake