Step Change in Safety Agenda driven by Workforce

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Workforce ideas to improve safety that have been put forward during the Boots on for Safety campaign are driving the Step Change agenda in 2007.  Five new initiatives have been adopted by the Step Change Leadership to address some of the key issues raised from the Boots on for Safety feedback.

New workgroups have been created to support work on each of the initiatives.  The key issues are:

Competency and support for new starts:
The Step Change Leadership have supported workforce views that a standard green hat policy was required to support new starts to the industry.  Consequenty, a new green hat policy has been agreed and will be introduced in May 2007.  The new policy will ensure that both new starts and experienced workers new to the location can be more readily identified and supported.  In addition the Step Change Co-Chairs have been in discussion with the industry's Workforce Capability and Capacity Steering Group to identity industry standards and address any gaps that may occur. 

Reviewing consistent permit processes:
There was strong feedback from the workforce for more consistent industry processes.  Therefore, the Leadership Team have re-established the Integrated Safe System of Work Users Group (ISSOW) to consider permit processes.  It is expected that the Users Group will report back to Step Change with their recommendations for change.  In addition, the Control of Work Workgroup has been created to consult on permit to work systems and the impact of different approaches on safety performance.

Greater focus on asset integrity:
A new Asset Integrity Workgroup has been formed for 2007.  The group's remit will include a stronger focus on major hazards and will align with HSE's main influencing networks and process safety identified in the HSE's Major Hazards Strategic Programme.  More details on the group's remit will be confirmed at a later date.

Improved incident feedback to the workforce:
Sharing information about  incidents and what we can learn from accidents is fundamental to the Step Change philosophy.  This is also seen as an important leadership role.  Consequently, the Visible Leadership Workgroup has been formed to review industry supervisory and leadership expectations and behaviours.   The new workgroup will be looking to create opportunities to refocus attention on these expectations.  Step Change is also working to encourage wider sharing of information through the Step Change website.

New Guidance for on-site supervision and reduction of paperwork:
The Step Change Leadership Team fully supported workforce concerns that supervisors should have adequate time to supervise activities on-site.  New guidance will be published shortly regarding Step Change's best practice guidance on on-site supvision and the reduction of paperwork.


green hat policy has been agreed and will be introduced in May 2007. do you have a link to the policy?