Three new tools to prevent major incidents

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Three new tools to prevent major incidents

Step Change in Safety has launched a new set of tools focused on building knowledge and sharing lessons from good practice and previous incidents.  The tools will help the on and offshore workforce engage more effectively with the management of major accident hazards.

The organisation has redeveloped its online database for companies to anonymously share lessons learned from incidents or near-misses.  These reports will be turned into Safety Moments which focus on good practice and lessons learned for companies to use in their onshore and offshore safety meetings. 

Step Change has also developed a Gap Analysis Tool so companies can assess the major accident hazard (MAH) knowledge within their company, to identify whether or not employees at every level have the required understanding of major accident hazards.

A peer-assist programme focused on hydrocarbon release reduction will put subject matter experts in touch with their peers to identify good practice and improvements areas.  Identified good practice will be shared across the industry on the Step Change website.

Les Linklater, executive director for Step Change in Safety, said: “A workforce which fully understands how to prevent major accidents is the route to a safer industry, and the benefit of sharing lessons learned should never be underestimated.

“The lessons we learn from incidents or near-misses are not exclusive to one company.  We have so much to learn from one another, and the online database will allow the industry to share lessons for safer practices.  Safety meetings are notorious for being dull but the new Safety Moments tackle issues in an engaging and challenging way.  Each of the incidents could happen to anyone on any platform so the workforce will be able to relate to them. 

“The Gap Analysis Tool will show companies how their training can be improved in a cost efficient and safer way. 

“Every person, whether onshore or offshore, on the drill floor or in the C-suite, has a part to play to prevent major accidents and I hope these services will help us all to improve the safety of the North Sea.”

The two new tools can be found on the Step Change in Safety website: