World Mental Health Day 2019

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WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY is an opportunity for everyone to raise awareness of mental health issues and advocate against social stigma. In the past, one of the biggest risk factors faced by the oil and gas industry is our own lack of/slow response to issues of mental health and well-being across the sector. Some incredible efforts are now being made to encourage members of the work-force at all levels to raise concerns and to talk colleagues about their mental health concerns.
At Step Change in Safety, we are committed to running our "Mental Health Champions" courses which are designed to provide knowledge and confidence to all participants to deal with the most common mental health issues. Our mental health champions can then help build a mentally healthy workplace, challenge stigma and support positive well-being,
Our Step Change in Safety Elected Safety Reps are particularly invested in creating more mentally healthy working environments are actively encouraging their colleagues to talk to each other - showing your sadness is not a sign of weakness. Our ESRs have been doing some great work for a number of years now and asked The Samaritans to come along to answer questions from the offshore work-force via a webinar called "RU OK?" which can be viewed on our YouTube channel.…