Issued by Oil & Gas UK 29 August 2013 Oil & Gas UK Comments on HSSG’s Recommendation to Return Helicopters to Flight Oil & Gas UK’s... Read more
30 Aug 2013
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Step Change in Safety’s Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) met this afternoon (24 August) to discuss the helicopter accident off Shetland... Read more
24 Aug 2013
The Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) have been working on a standard communications pack including a standard presentation, fact cheets,... Read more
26 Jul 2013
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The Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) met on Wednesday 17th July to discuss their position in light of the Directive from the European... Read more
19 Jul 2013
Step Change in Safety member company CHC Helicopter opened the door to their Aberdeen operations on Saturday, 14 July, providing 250 oil-and-gas... Read more
18 Jul 2013
The Helicopter Safety Steering Group (HSSG) welcomes the Directive from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Civil Aviation Authority (... Read more
10 Jul 2013
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Step Change in Safety’s short film ‘Remembering Piper - The night that changed our world’ is now available for free download here . This will be... Read more
17 Jun 2013
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Please take just a few moments to complete our short online survey below. Your responses will be anonymous and the results will be used to help... Read more
03 May 2013
The focus is now on validating its findings with the regulatory authorities, independent experts and industry representatives before resuming safe... Read more
03 May 2013
The Workforce Involvement Day , sponsored by Apache, will be jointly organised by Step Change in Safety and the Health and Safety Executive and... Read more
02 May 2013