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Helicopter operators are maintaining readiness for the return to service of EC225s. An element of this are short maintenance flights over land... Read more
18 Jan 2013
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The company has provided an overview of its approach to the root cause analysis performed during the past several weeks and has reported a most... Read more
18 Jan 2013
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The annual showcase event is jointly organised by Oil & Gas UK and Step Change in Safety and pays tribute to the most safety conscious workers... Read more
07 Jan 2013
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The Helicopter Safety Steering Group will continue to keep you up to date with the latest news from Eurocopter and air accident investigators as... Read more
21 Dec 2012
The guidance provides an overview of what a 'good' plan may include and was produced using industry HCR reduction plans which were singled out by... Read more
21 Dec 2012
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The fact sheet was created in order to provide clear and concise information as well as to dispel myths and has been produced in a pdf format... Read more
20 Dec 2012
There are four modules in total, each focusing on different areas and delegates can choose which modules they would like to attend. The modules... Read more
14 Dec 2012
The fact sheets are designed to provide more information on the two types of marine transfer most likely to be used in the UKCS in the event of... Read more
11 Dec 2012
The Workforce Engagement Toolkit is one of the two entries selected by the UK judging panel for entry to the European judging round. The winner... Read more
23 Nov 2012