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They will provide an update to what's happening with the ongoing investigation and flight suspension. This event is an opportunity for elected and... Read more
13 Nov 2012
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Ask a question Representatives from Eurocopter will be invited to attend this meeting and the HSSG intends to compile a list of questions to put... Read more
06 Nov 2012
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Initial findings from the ongoing investigation into the ditching of G-CHCN on 22 October have revealed similarities with the G-REDW ditching on... Read more
25 Oct 2012
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Making up the HSSG are helicopter operators, oil and gas operators and contractors, offshore trade unions, the pilots’ union BALPA, Oil & Gas... Read more
24 Oct 2012
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“Step Change’s Helicopter Safety Steering Group, which comprises representatives from industry, regulators and trade unions, will meet as soon as... Read more
22 Oct 2012
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Background The helicopter was on a scheduled flight from Aberdeen Airport to the Maersk Resilient platform, in the North Sea, 150nm east of... Read more
18 Oct 2012
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The company has placed an order for 500 practical guides, which will be distributed across its UK business, going to project and contract managers... Read more
27 Sep 2012
The next Oil & Gas UK breakfast briefing provides you with an important opportunity to hear about the activities and role of Step Change in... Read more
24 Sep 2012
The toolkit promises to positively transform the way oil and gas companies interact with staff and improve safety at worksites. The first of its... Read more
05 Sep 2012
New story
By Les Linklater , team leader, Step Change in Safety Supposing someone was to ask you “what is the safety culture like where you work?” How would... Read more
04 Sep 2012