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Step Change in Safety can announce that more than 15,900 offshore workers have been trained with the new EBS. Click here to read the HSSG Bulletin. Read more
05 Aug 2014
Please note that the Asset Integrity and Hydrocarbon Release event has been postponed from Wednesday, 20th August to Thursday, 30th October... Read more
30 Jul 2014
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Step Change in Safety has re-launched the Marine Transfer of Personnel guidelines. It should be noted that these guidelines have been specifically... Read more
24 Jul 2014
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EBS Training Video The new Emergency Breathing System (EBS) to be used in offshore travel has been fully approved by the CAA which means that the... Read more
14 Jul 2014
The UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) today announced the approval of a new enhanced emergency breathing system that will deliver improved levels... Read more
10 Jul 2014
CAP 1145 - Category A Emergency Breathing Systems CAP 1145 is a report from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) which was produced as a review of... Read more
07 Jul 2014
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Tea Shack News reports on issues that are important to workers in the oil and gas industry. The second edition includes updates on the CAA... Read more
01 Jul 2014
Les Linklater, team leader for Step Change in Safety, said at a Competence and Human Factors event that he believes human error is one of the... Read more
25 Jun 2014
It is with pleasure that we welcome a new recruit to the Step Change in Safety support team. Jamieson Amott is from Victoria, Australia and will... Read more
13 May 2014
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Step Change in Safety welcomes the CAA’s decision to defer the deadline for the introduction of the Category A Emergency Breathing System (EBS)... Read more
07 May 2014