Piper 25

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In July 2013, we commemorated the 25th anniversary of the Piper Alpha tragedy.

Wanting to recognise the anniversary, highlight the lesssons learned by the tragedy and emphasise that the issues repsponsible for the accident still occur today, we created a DVD that could be watched by anoyone, anywhere.  Remembering Piper re-enacts what happened on the 6th July 1988, and concludes with questions about day-to-day hazards and risks.  Remembering Piper has been watched across the world by workers within the oil and gas industry and other major hazard industries.

"At 08:45hrs today, we all gathered in the mess to watch the DVD.  Knowing our colleagues on sites all around the North Sea were also gathering at the same time to remember Piper added poignancy.  The presentation caputred the awfulness of the situation on Piper Alpha endured by those poor souls 25 years ago."  Philip Delamere, Talisman-Sinopec Energy UK

"I teach safety induction at a NASA facility.  We talk a lot about how Piper Alpha has changed the way things are done offshore.  Watching this video gives me the chills, thinking about how these men died.  I would like to honour these heroes for their contribution towards making offshore work safer, and for their needless deaths in order to make offshore work safe."  Anonymous

Read Mickey Craig's poignant Piper 25 speech. 

You can watch the presentations from the Piper 25 Conference on our YouTube channel.